MenuAndDockless 2.0

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Installing MenuAndDockless

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1. Download and install SIMBL
2. Download and install MenuAndDockless

Apply Settings for Individual Apps

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1. Open (restart) desired App - e.g. Write 2 or Safari
2. Open the MenuAndDockless Settings (> Menu > Window > Settings > Settings…)
3. Apply individual settings for each application
4. Restart App

How to Use MenuAndDockless

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Depending on your chosen settings Apps can automatically start with the Menu and the Dock visible or hidden. They can start with a saved window frame (size and position) - so even when you closed a window or the App and moved the windows before to a position you usually don't use, the next time you start the App your desired default frame will be restored.

MenuAndDockless can save and restore those frames for different display setups - meaning the annoying re-organizing of windows at work and at home is now a peace of cake.

Arranging Windows

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You can also use MenuAndDockless to 'arrange' windows on the fly by either use the menu item or your own applied shortcut…

MenuAndDockless and the Finder

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MenuAndDockless is a SIMBL Plugin. This means it is working for every native Cocoa Application and under Lion and above the Finder is also written in Cocoa. As always in life, timing is key and unfortunately the Finder is started (after a restart of your Mac) before the global SIMBL plugin/settings are loaded and therefore MenuAndDockless isn't started automatically.

But the moment you restart the Finder by hand, it will perfectly work for the Finder as well.

1. Press cmd+alt+esc
2. Select the Finder
3. Click 'Relaunch'

Hide the Dock and the Menu for unsupported Apps

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As said before, MenuAndDockless 'only' works for native Cocoa Apps but with some luck you can at least hide the Menu and the Dock for 'unsupported' Apps like iTunes or Photoshop.

Because MenuAndDockless 2.0 is written for sandboxed (App Store) Apps this isn't a global setting anymore. As always the Terminal is your friend:

defaults write mad_forcekUIModeAllSuppressed -bool YES

Of course, this doesn't work for every App. But you can try. Just replace accordingly. With com.adobe.Photoshop for example…

Important Information

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MenuAndDockless is free and works on every Mac running Lion and above and isn't really a hack - it’s just more of an addition and will not cause any trouble or use additional system resources.

It may not work for every single available App out there - I simply can't test this.

Should you run into any problems - just let me know!

MOApp Support
MenuAndDockless Website
MOApp Software Manufactory

How to Support the Development

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MenuAndDockless is a free tool and will always be available for free.

That said, of course, there went a lot of work and time into creating and supporting it and should you love it as much as I do - I don't have any problems with you purchasing one of my other Apps :-)

Nifty Applications from MOApp

How to Uninstall MenuAndDockless

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Seriously? You really want to uninstall MenuAndDockless? Why???

OK, here you are:

Simply trash the following bundle:
/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/MenuAndDockless.bundle

Hint: You may need to restart open Apps and the Finder