10 Years of Making Apps

MOApp Software Manufactory - Handcrafted Apps made cute and simple.

Handcrafted Apps made cute and simple.
MOApp is a small Software Manufactory headquartered in Berlin, Germany.
I am focused on crafting very clean and easy to use software for Mac, iPhone and iPad.
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Tab 1
ookkeeaapp - Bookkeeping for Freelancers made painless and simple.
ookkeeaapp is a powerful (yet easy to use and to understand) application for freelancers…
Tab 2
TypeTeach - The first real touch typing tutor for Mac.
Finally, a typing tutor from this decade, made gorgeous, and without childish games…
Tab 3
Bill - Invoicing made painless and fun.
It doesn't get any easier. Just three simple steps to your perfect invoice…
Tab 4
Quick and Dirty - The less than five-second image editor.
The image editor for the 97% of all tasks, we wish for a much easier, much faster App…
Tab 5
THE TICKER - The most gorgeous and intuitive news reader for Mac.
THE TICKER is a small, simple, cute Feed Reader with the I HATE EXCERPTS ™ feature…