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» Browser Website
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Yes - yet another browser.
So - why another one?
Because browsing should be about finding - not searching. Finding websites, content, bookmarks and pages stored for reading later…

» MenuAndDockless Website
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MenuAndDockless is a SIMBL plugin for OS X enabling you to choose for every native Cocoa application wether it should show the Menu bar and the Dock or not. In addition, you can save default window sizes and position (even for multiple display setups) and adjust, center and arrange windows and toggle the fullscreen…

» Download from MOApp

AppLauncher is the fastest App launcher available. It’s just a very simple but sophisticated tool for quickly (very quickly!) launching your applications, Safari bookmarks and DuckDuckGo suggestions - nothing more! It’s no calculator, no clipboard manager and of course no toaster and fancy coffeemaker…

» HTMchen Website
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HTMchen is the most simple HTML editor possible. And it is the HTML editor for the lazy. The really lazy. It is not designed for complex web applications but for the quick-n-dirty HTML formatting on the fly…

» DisplaySleepr Website
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Put your Display to sleep.

» Leo Website
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dict.leo.org just one click/keystroke away.

» myBookmarks Website
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Store links and finds for later use.

» myTunesControl Website
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Menu bar remote control for iTunes.
MacBook Air Wallpapers

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Mac Wallpapers

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iOS Wallpapers

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Code and Code Snippets

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Cocoa Preference Window for the lazy.
ImageKitTest Application

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Skeleton of myPhotoEdit.

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Skeleton of Browser.

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Skeleton of myTaskNotes.
Code Snippets

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Cocoa/Objective-C Code Snippets.