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All you need to write, truly write

The Best Distraction Free Writing Tool for Mac. Period. This supercharged Typewriter helps you get more meaning out of your words with less distraction.

Music on a stick

Simple playlists, no ratings, no streaming. Just tracks in folders and a player that can play those tracks. No mess, no duplicates, no missing songs. Just music; on a stick.

1234 is not a password!

All your important passwords and even more important files securely encrypted and completely searchable stored in one simple, yet sophisticated application.

Mac OS X Software

Write 2
The word processor for the rest of us

Write 2 is a cute lightweight word processor for our daily writing tasks.
It is fast, clean, intuitive to use and has a native and uncluttered interface.

Umsatz 2015
Buchhaltung für Selbständige in einfach

Umsatz ist das Programm für jeden Selbständigen und kleinen Betrieb,
um die Buchhaltung ohne Vorkenntnisse einfach und passend zu erstellen.

Bill 2
Invoicing made painless and fun

It doesn't get any easier … three simple steps to your perfect invoice. Create your invoice, add your items, just print it, and you are already done.

Your first second text, code & markup editor

Yes, sometimes a jam-packed editor is necessary. But in most cases we need something simple. Something fast and most important - something uncluttered.

Quick and Dirty
The less than five-second image editor

Open, enhance, crop, resize, and save all your images for the web in less than five seconds. Quick and Dirty will save you hundreds of minutes, or even hours.

Life is like a box of code

Store unlimited Cocoa/Swift/Objective-C snippets. Thanks to iCloud, use them on all your Macs. Attach unlimited source code files as well.

The touch typing tutor for Mac

Finally, a typing tutor from this decade, made gorgeous, and without childish games. TypeTeach comes with well thought out typing and practice lessons.

Colors PRO
The Color Picker, Scheme, and Palette Tool

Tired of having to use three to seven different mediocre apps for your daily work with colors, palettes, swatches, schemes, and color codes?

A small, simple, cute Feed Reader

THE TICKER is a small, simple, cute Feed Reader with a skirt excerpts feature and comes with a gorgeous preview, quick look, and multiple sharing options.

ookkeeaapp 2015
Bookkeeping made painless and simple

ookkeeaapp is a powerful - yet easy to use and to understand - native bookkeeping application for freelancers, small companies, and agencies.

Because accuracy is everything

So, you once learned how to touch? Now what? Well, you could write lots of unnecessary emails to improve your typing. Or you could just use TypeDrill.

iOS Software

Bold colored rich text, ToGo

Want to do more with your iPhone and iPad than give some cute birds a headache? WriteToGo is the first real Rich Text Editor for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Our thoughts, our words, our articles - secure

A fast, uncluttered, and usable iPhone, iPad, and Mac app for our thoughts, for our words, for our articles; secure, encrypted, in sync, and to go.

All your texts, in sync, ToGo

No matter whether you go by train, airplane, on foot, or just into the next bathtub, TextToGo is available for all your devices and all your writing needs.

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