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Doing so much more with less clutter.
An app should be as easy-to-handle as possible.
It should always only focus on solving one job seamlessly.
In the process, the task at hand must be resolved as ef´Čüciently as possible.
And ideally, users will not even need to pick up a manual to read the instructions…
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Invoicing made painless and fun.

It doesn't get any easier … just three simple steps to your perfect invoice.

Bill is an invoicing App! And an invoicing App only! Because the others ones with built-in client management, time tracker, and coffee maker are available by the dozen.

If you’re looking for a versatile and simple application to easily create awesome looking invoices – Bill is your App…
Bookkeeping for Freelancers made painless and simple.

ookkeeaapp is a powerful - yet easy to use and to understand - application for freelancers, small companies, and agencies that are tired of having to use cluttered, cumbersome, and ugly apps that are usually crappy ports of even crappier Windows software programs.

We have better things to do than messing around with bookkeeping, VAT declarations, taxable income, and annoying apps.

That's why ookkeeaapp is designed to be used intuitively and quickly - so that you can focus on what's really important to you, like building quality violins, creating amazing websites, baking the most delicious cupcakes, or whatever astonishing thing it is you do…
Buchhaltung für Selbständige in einfach.

Umsatz ist Buchhaltung in einfach. Für jeden. Einfach für jeden.

Umsatz ist das Programm für jeden Selbständigen und jeden kleineren Betrieb, um die Buchhaltung ohne Vorkenntnisse einfach und vor allem passend für den europäischen (deutschen) Fiskus zu erstellen.

Umsatz auf intuitive und schnelle Bedienung ausgelegt …
Tab 2
The most gorgeous and intuitive news reader for Mac.

THE TICKER is a small, simple, cute Feed Reader with an I HATE EXCERPTS ™ feature.

It features unlimited feeds organized by label and rating that can be arranged by keyboard and it comes with a gorgeous preview, quick look and, of course, multiple sharing options.

Everything is searchable and you can store/mark articles for later use. You can navigate by gestures, arrows, keyboard the way you are already used to…
The less than five-second image editor.

Yes, from time to time we need Photoshop. More frequently, we need Apps like Pixelmator or Acorn.

But for the remaining 97%, we wish for a much easier, much faster App! And now there is one! Quick and Dirty is for all those time consuming and ever repeating tasks.

Open, enhance, crop, resize and save all your images for the web in less than five seconds. Quick and Dirty will save you hundreds of minutes, or even hours, a year…
The first real touch typing tutor for Mac.

Finally, a typing tutor from this decade, made gorgeous, and without childish games.

TypeTeach is solely written for the latest OS X and the latest Mac; even with Retina Display. TypeTeach comes with well thought out typing and practice lessons. Lessons based on NLP and Motor Learning techniques.

You will learn how to touch type with ten fingers in no time. But at your own pace, without any pressure, and without any frustrations…
A music player on a stick.

Have you ever tried to keep your iTunes library in sync on multiple Macs? Have you ever tried to work on iOS Apps while listening to an iPod with headphones attached and at least five iPhones and iPads plugged into the Mac?

Yes? OK. Now add to that an Ollerum constantly lying on the Wacom, the keyboard, and my hands. Not to talk about coffee mugs and all the other stuff. Got it? Well, then you probably will be able to image how many ruined cables and headphones I own. And you will also be able to feel my annoyance.

And then I had an epiphany. If I only had a music player that could play directly from a stick. And every time there is something missing all I have to do is open Xcode. And that’s what I did…
Tab 3
The Color Picker, Color Scheme, and Color Palette Tool

Tired of having to use three to seven different apps for your daily work with colors, palettes, swatches, schemes, and color codes; not to mention all the hassle to access them from all your different apps and to keep them in sync across all your Macs?

MOApp to the rescue! With Colors you can have it all. In one single application. Colors is a color picker. Colors is a photo analyzer. Colors is a scheme generator.

Colors PRO comes bundled with a Color Picker Plugin. Once enabled, you can access all your colors, palettes, and schemes from within any supported app like, for example, Pages, Pixelmator, Sketch, Xcode, or Photoshop…
Improve and practice your touch typing skills.

So, you once learned how to type using more than two fingers? Now what? Well, you could write lots of unnecessary emails to improve your typing. Or you could just use TypeDrill.

Because you know that accuracy is much more important than speed. Or the other way round: Speed is worthless without accuracy. That's why you wanted to practice in the first place.

Practice thousands of different lessons. Many of them specifically based on NLP techniques. In different categories and with different levels. And most importantly, your own lessons. In your own language. No matter what keyboard layout is being used…
The speed dial buttons to your files, folders and documents.

Call 1 for your Documents. Call 2 for your Dropbox. Call 3 for your Pictures. And for your recently used files you don't need to call at all. They are right there. At your fingertips.

Think of Dammit as the speed dial buttons to your most often used and most important files, folders and recently used documents.

Just create a stack. Add up to nine files or folders per stack and simply open them with the keys 1-9. Or just click on them. Of course, you can create unlimited stacks and you can add whatever you want…
All your Cocoa/Objective-C/Swift Snippets on all your Macs.

Life is like a box of code. It is up to you what you do with it. This is true for CocoaBox as well.

Store unlimited Cocoa/Swift/Objective-C snippets. Thanks to iCloud, use them on all your Macs.

Directly insert snippets into Xcode. Even drag multiple snippets out of CocoaBox. Directly create new snippets with a global hotkey. Or easily create snippets from files.
The most simple and elegant way to keep notes and tasks.

Sometimes a note is nothing more than a reminder or a todo - so why use two different applications or one of those jam-packed GTD apps, when your notes App can do that for you?

TaskNotes has been designed for speed, ease of use and most important of all - to keep your notes and tasks (reminders) in sync.

TaskNotes, of course, also supports Markdown, you can pint formatted, and you can import and export all kinds of text documents…
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The most beautiful way to manage and share your recipes.

All your beloved recipes in one beautifully crafted place. Completely searchable. Easily sharable.

With Recipes you can store unlimited recipes in unlimited groups. You can search thru all recipes and for any content - no matter if it is an ingredient, the kind of recipe or your notes.

With just one click you can directly and easily import, export, print, publish, and share your favorite recipes…
Your Bulletin Board to Go.

Ever wished you could carry your bulletin board around with you? Hate having to reorganize for every new idea? Wouldn't it be awesome to have as many boards as you want? With easy undo and redo? That you won't run out of space ever again?

Pin to the rescue! Pin is your new digital bulletin board to go. Unlimited bulletin boards. Unlimited space and zoom.

And thanks to iCloud, accessible from anywhere at anytime…
The most simple and elegant way to keep a journal.

Diary is a cute and sophisticated journaling application extra designed for ease of use and to directly record videos and to take pictures with your iSight camera with a single click.

Self evident that all entries are stored encrypted and that it all can be protected with a password.

Diary provides everything in a beautifully designed interface and every important function is just one click away. Diary is never in your way - but integrates seamlessly in your life…
Teach. Document. Demonstrate.

Steps is made for easily creating all kinds of manuals.

It's for teachers wishing to have more attractive teaching aids, trainers dreaming of interesting training manuals with screen shots and software developers writing gorgeous user manuals.

With Steps you succeed in crafting attractive manuals and teaching materials in no time…
Tab 5
The first real Rich Text Editor for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Want to do more with your iPhone and iPad than give some cute birds a headache? Want to do more with your iPhone and iPad than write boring texts that all look the same?

Now you can! With the focus on usability and not featuritis! WriteToGo is the first real Rich Text Editor for your iPhone, iPad, Mac and for Pros!

With WriteToGo you can start a document at home, on the train you can continue to work on it, and at the office you can finish it. Thanks to iCloud and Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac…
The word processor for the rest of us.

Write 2 is a cute lightweight word processor for our daily writing tasks. It is fast, clean, intuitive to use and has a native (Mac-like) and uncluttered interface. Most important of all - it is very user-friendly.

In most cases there is no need to use Word. We don't need its jam-packed interface and least of all it's speed.

Write 2 has some nifty features and tools that are sure to make it your word processor of choice for all your daily writing tasks…
The Text Editor with Password Protection and Encryption.

We have encrypted storage for our passwords. We encrypt our emails, our chats, and our journals. But there isn’t a single fast, uncluttered, and usable App out there for our thoughts, for our words, for our articles.

An App that automatically en- and decrypts our texts. So that we can store them in iCloud without having to worry.

SecureTexts is exactly what we’ve been looking for…
All you need to write. Truly write.

With Free, you don’t need to worry about the glitz and glamour of eye-candy filling your screen, meaning less clutter, less distractions, and less troubles.

Free’s integrated automated environment helps you focus almost automatically on writing. Free helps you get more meaning out of your words with less distraction.

Free truly turns your Mac into a supercharged typewriter. Because in the end - it is all about the words. Your words. Nothing else…
All your Texts. In Sync. ToGo.

We start working on a text, chapter, article at home, edit it on the train, refine it in the bathtub and trash it back at the desktop only to start from scratch while being sandwiched in the middle row on a flight to who cares.

While doing so we want to have as little hassle and noise as possible. We just want to focus on our text. We just want to write.

What we don't want to do is to deal with problems and distractions and we most definitely don't want to read the manual first or guess how the App may work; or not. That's why you will love TextToGo…
Your first second text, code & markup editor.

No, no ugly monsters here. SimpleEdit is an editor like no other.

SimpleEdit is not one of those editors that haven't been updated in years. It is also not one of those this editors that never left their alpha status and then were sent to retire on a farm upstate.

Yes, sometimes a jam-packed editor is necessary. But in most cases we need something simple. SimpleEdit will be your first second editor of choice.…